Getting To Know Your Captains


Capt. Chris Sullivan

Capt. Chris Sullivan is a U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Captain. With over 45 years experience fishing the entire Chesapeake Bay. He specializes in all types of fishing and guarantees success on your next excursion. "I have the knowledge and experience to make your next sportfishing adventure one of the most memorable experiences. I invite you, and your family, office, and friends to experience the 'Ultimate Sportfishing Adventure'. Welcome aboard and enjoy 'A Day Away' on the Chesapeake and FISHING AT ITS FINEST!!


Capt. Mike Sullivan

Being the third generation to take on charter fishing, I have some very big shoes to fill. My experience dates back to when I was young boy helping my father out on some charters here and there. Growing into it, I became his first mate. The passion I developed for chartering pushed me to become a captain myself. With my background and experience in the fishing industry, I can't wait to show you what I am made of.