Getting To Know Your Captains

Captain Chris Sullivan, Sr.

I am a U.S. Coast Guard licensed captain with over 45 years of experience fishing the entire Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean. I specialize in all types of fishing and guarantee success on your next excursion. "I have the knowledge and experience to make your next sportfishing adventure a most memorable experience!" I invite you along with your family, co-workers, and friends to experience the 'Ultimate Sportfishing Adventure'. Welcome aboard and enjoy 'A Day Away' on the Chesapeake Bay/Atlantic Ocean and fishing at its finest.

Captain Mike Sullivan

Continuing into the 3rd generation of being a captain, I am striving for success as much as my father and grandfather have accomplished. I am a U.S. Coast Guard licensed captain with roughly 15 years on the water experience looking to make your time as enjoyable as mine.